jeudi 7 avril 2016

Letter for my future self

Hello, how are you? It's been a long time that I haven't got your news. I'm writing you this letter to know what did you became. I was wondering if you realized your dreams? reach your goals? I'm confident that you defeated your fears with your impressive personanality. I guess that it wasn't easy to do but I'm sure with your big patience you could do it.
You had big dreams. You wanted to be a medcin, a politician or just deeply happy in your life. I hope you didn't give those wishes up, like they had never exist. I'll be disappointed, because if you don't have a sense of achivement in your life... it's would be easy to lose youself in a world, where a false sense of accomplishment. 

I remember when you as younger, everybody thought you had a quiet life, you had always a pretty smile in your lips that everybody liked. But nobody could imagine what you had inside of you, nobody knew what happened the day before you came to school and did not stop laughing. You have a weird personnality that I had never understood, but for a dark reason, I always loved. I also remember how hard you was with yourself, when you worked like crazy with no results. You just wanted to diseapear, cry for hours and just give up everything but, no you continue to make effort to satisfy yourself.

You had some habit that I had never understood you liked  spend time alone, with anyone around you. It made you better and more stonger to continue. And I'm wondering, if you still The good dancer as you used to be, if you still listen to the same kind of music you liked with your friend Rim. That music with strange lyrics that nobody liked or even understood. But you just listen to it and you enjoyed because it represent so good your life. 

I hope for you that you are no longer the same Lina, you used to be before. I hope you careless about some details like; who remember your birthday? do you still feeling bad when you don't spend New year's eve with your family? and do you still give prominence to  those people who doesn't care? 
Do you just give more time to yourself ? 
Because you need someone who can look at your eye and tell tou 'keep your calm, I'm here and I won't let you, I'm here to help as much as I can' without saying anything to show your sadness. But I'm confident that you'll know how to make hapiness in your life without friends, husband or even your family. You can do it just alone in front of your dream house, with some popcorn and with your furry dog, in front of your favorite movie that you watched a hundred times just for fun. Or just get out of work go spend the whole week end in a beautiful place, alone, and forget about what's next ans forget about all the responsibility. 

So Lina that's all I 'm waiting for your reply to know more about your new life.
I just want to remind you that you're a great person with a sweet heart. I can guess the beautiful woman you became. you was a little girl with big hopes, now I'm sure you're the woman you wished to be, in all it's glory. 

Take care,