mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Hello reader, My name's Lina, I'm a fifteen year old girl and I am Moroccan, from Rabat but I've lived in tangier since 2011. I am a very ambitious, curious and open minded person. I'm an amateur photographer but also a writer. I can spend hours listening to music or reading a novel, the one I'm currently reading is Fan Girl and it is pretty good. I love history and sociology and that makes me show a lot of interest in discovering and learning about foreign cultures.

What i like most about tangier is the rich culture and history.  Tangier and  morocco in general has a lot of beautiful views such as beaches or forests . Tangier is an incredible city I have lived in  It for five years now but I also love rabat since I was born there. Rabat is an really interesting city I enjoy going back there I can find many activities and the people are really sociable .

What i dislike about Tangier even if it was an international city but people still have this closed mentality; a girl can be insult just because her dress. Here in tangier we don't have a lot of activities or safe places when you have a certain age (specially teenager).

And finally, The cold weather is terrible in Tangier; There is too much wind even in summer and The weather change very fast and if you're not familiarized with you can get sick frequently