mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Hello reader, My name's Lina, I'm a fifteen year old girl and I am Moroccan, from Rabat but I've lived in tangier since 2011. I am a very ambitious, curious and open minded person. I'm an amateur photographer but also a writer. I can spend hours listening to music or reading a novel, the one I'm currently reading is Fan Girl and it is pretty good. I love history and sociology and that makes me show a lot of interest in discovering and learning about foreign cultures.

What i like most about tangier is the rich culture and history.  Tangier and  morocco in general has a lot of beautiful views such as beaches or forests . Tangier is an incredible city I have lived in  It for five years now but I also love rabat since I was born there. Rabat is an really interesting city I enjoy going back there I can find many activities and the people are really sociable .

What i dislike about Tangier even if it was an international city but people still have this closed mentality; a girl can be insult just because her dress. Here in tangier we don't have a lot of activities or safe places when you have a certain age (specially teenager).

And finally, The cold weather is terrible in Tangier; There is too much wind even in summer and The weather change very fast and if you're not familiarized with you can get sick frequently

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  1. Hi Lina my names Jojo. I love to read and write too. I could spend hours writing poems or short stories or even just sitting under a tree somewhere with a good book. I love photography because down here in California it's super pretty with all the trees. If you don't mind I would love to see some of the pictures you have taken or any stories you might have written. Do you like school? Do you like any sports? What's your favorite music? It was really nice to meet you Lina and if u have any questions or anything please feel free to check out my blog.

    1. hi jojo, first of all I 'm sorry for taking so long to answer you. I actually love photography and I prefer taking pictures of people; their feelings, all happiness, saddness or love which they have at the bottom of them. And to answer to your quetions; I'm obviously force to go to school but I'm aware that my goals won't be reached without shcool. And for sports, I like so much tennis but I don't practice anymore (still watching it)
      , now I'm doing some body building. Finally for my favorite music you can check out my blog. So that's it jojo I hope I will read one of your poems or stories, it was nice to meet you !

    2. Nice to meet you too Lina! I've heard great things from Nour. That's great that you love pictures. I love to capture emotions in them. You've you been? Do you like to read? What are some of your favorite books? And sorry I haven't replied sooner.